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Block plans

This is a plan of the site and surrounding risk area required by Australian Standards. These plans show the position of the main stop valves where it can be readily seen by fire-fighters and others responding to the alarm. These plans are in the form of a permanent diagram, which is water-resistant, fade-resistant and permanently fixed.

Block Plans are required for the following systems:

    Fire Detection SystemsMore information on fire detection systems
    Fire Suppression SystemsMore information on fire suppression systems
    Fire Hydrant SystemsMore information on fire hydrant systems

There is various information required to be displayed on block plans. In some areas, we can provide the services to draw up the plan from scratch, carry out flow tests, zone tests etc to provide the information and also install the plans.


   Warden helmets

   Warden caps

   Warden vests

   Credit card emergency procedures

   Flip Charts

   Chief Warden Incident Control folders

   Specific role & responsibility procedure guidelines

   Telephone Bomb Threat Checklist Cards

   Extinguisher Charts

   Portable occupant warning signal generators

   Loud hailers

   Printing & Laminating Services

   Diagram Frames and Sign holders

   Helmet Stickers

   Assembly Area Warden Backpacks and Kits

   Flip Chart Holders

   Printing and Celloglazing of Evacuation Diagrams

Straightforward fire & safety compliance with FSA.

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